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Jobs opening in Canada 2018

Jobs opening in Canada 2018, Jobs in Canada

215,000 Jobs Opening In Canada in 12 Months –The Significant Increase In June

One of the massive rates of employment was witnessed by Canada during the month of June as more than thirty two hundred potential job-seekers gained jobs within just three months. This is one of the most momentous improvements, which in turn, signifies rapid progress of employment in Canada. Its shows the lowest unemployment rate in Canada,  As the current statistical figure of Canada shows, the annual progress of employment has reached up to 215,000 in last year.

Canada being a prospective choice for jobs, more and more people are looking for potential works. Even Inidans are also looking for work opportunities in Canada for Indian. With increased rate of job seekers in Canada, the rate of unemployment rose to 6 percent from 5.8 percent in the month of June.

Provincially, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario were the primary movers while the greater part of other provinces kept on holding their firms throughout June.

Percentage of Canadian Jobs

Indicator Statistical data
Rate of unemployment 6.0 %
Rate of employment 61.5 %
Rate of labour force participation 65.5 %
Number of unemployed 1,195,300
Number of employed 18,628,000
Unemployment rate among Youth (15-24 years) 11.7%
Unemployment Rate among Men (over 25 years) 5.2%
Unemployment rate among Women (over 25 years) 4.5%
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Commendable performance of the provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan in June

The unemployment rate of Manitoba became 6.1 percent, decreased by 0.4 percent in the month of June. Throughout the month, the rate of employment was a steady 4100.

The biggest mover was the province of Ontario regarding the provincial jobs, thereby, adding around thirty five thousand jobs in June only.

157,000 jobs vacancies in Canada were added by the biggest province of Canada with 2.2 percent increment over the last year.

With increased job seekers in the province, the unemployment rate drew close to 5.9 percent in June.

Serial No. Occupation ITAs
1 NOC 2171 – Information systems consultants and analysts 5214
2 NOC 2173 – Software engineers 4782
3 NOC 2174 – Interactive media developers and Computer programmers 3479
4 NOC 1111 – Accountants and  Financial auditors 2386
5 NOC 1241 – Administrative assistants 1969
6 NOC 1123 – Professional occupations in marketing, public relations and advertising 1884
7 NOC4 011 – University lecturers and professors 1830
8 NOC 1112 – Financial and investment analysts 1783
9 NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting 1621
10 NOC 0124 – Public relations, Advertising and Marketing managers 1497

Around 8,300 jobs were added in June in the province of Saskatchewan, which was the largest rate of job increase from April in 2012. Rate of unemployment experienced a downward spiral to reach 6.3 percent by decreasing a significant rate of 0.5 percent.

The province of Alberta experienced a consolidated month with the increase of two thousand jobs in the month of June and the employment rate up to thirty four thousand annually. The province being rich in oil production, is trying to recover from the recent downfall with introduction of new jobs.

The province of British Columbia is still running weakest among all the Canadian provinces. It lost eight thousand jobs in the month of June, thereby, taking the rate of unemployment of the province to 5.2 percent.

Province Change of Jobs in June Rate of Unemployment (%)
British Columbia -8000 5.2
Quebec -6500 5.4
Ontario 34900 5.9
Manitoba 4100 6.1
Saskatchewan 8300 6.3
Alberta 2000 6.5
New Brunswick 1100 7.5
Nova Scotia -1700 7.9
Prince Edward Island  400 8.9
Newfoundland and Labrador -600 15.5
Canada 31800 6.0

The Industries Performing the Best in Canada

If considered from an industrial perspective, the Construction industry has been well executed with twenty seven thousand jobs in total. Carried out by Ontario, there is 3.1 percent addition of new jobs from the previous year with 44,000 more jobs introduced.

Employment in Natural Resources industry had the annual gain of 22,000 jobs and 13,000 added jobs in the month of June. It is among the fastest thriving industries with the growth rate being 6.8 percent.

The manufacturing industry also moved upwards with 11,000 jobs being added within the month of June. There were also little changes seen in the self-employed sector, public sector and private sector.

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